The Joys of a Nomadic Life

We have sold Chateau Renon, our home in France.

Chateau Renon

Over the next 3 months we need to pack up our 130+ combined years of memorabilia and hoarding, move out, and also find new homes in both France and UK.

As a result of my need to focus on these priorities, I am afraid that over the next 3 months my blogs, which I have been posting weekly over the last 4 years, will tend to become a little less regular. Timing of my posts will now be based more on when packing, uncluttering, time, panic, stress, spirit, bank meetings, lawyer sessions and real-estate-viewings cross-channel, permit me to sit and relax for a short time to thus be able to focus on just one topic that has caught my imagination for a ramble.

I hope that my readers and supporters will understand and permit me this diversion until our lives settle back into some semblance of what constitutes a normal life for a pair of nomads.


11 Responses to The Joys of a Nomadic Life

  1. Angela Quinney says:

    Come back soon Les – love your blog..
    Good luck with the house hunting xx

  2. As Ange says. Good luck to you both and shout if we can help. Will miss the blogs but hopefully not you guys – as long as you find another home here near Bordeaux/St-Emilion.

  3. Now here’s a bold idea Les. Over the years you have inspired many people who are now business leaders in their own right. Why not ask them for their own contributions to your blog. It will keep regular content, allow you to determine which gets published and better still, a good test to see if the Hayman effect is spreading :-). Happy to put my hand up and see if I can match the expected standard.

  4. Wow! What a major undertaking. I imagine there will be some interesting observations and lessons you might want to share along the way. Hope all goes smoothly.

  5. Wishing you all the best with your move and finding a new primary residence / Home.

  6. Mal says:

    Good luck with the move Les.

  7. Good luck to both of you in the next step. Looking forward to hearing about where you land!

  8. Wally Bock says:

    Seems to me like what you’re about to begin is not a diversion, but the next phase of life. Think how much you’ll have to blog about on the other side.

  9. Marina Shabin says:

    Hope you guys maintain your sense of humor and adventure while executing this epic move and house-hunting across two countries. Will look forward to occasional updates….

  10. Ruthie Connolly Still wandering the world from Singapore :) says:

    I will always think of the packng of the wonderful chandelier from my house in Bombay somehow, returning the piece where where she belonged. I wish you and Victoria joyous wonderings. Don’t settle too quickly. lots of love, Ruth

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