Thank you all for your readership, support and comments … it does make it all worthwhile.

Like the rest of Europe, I have decided to take my leave in August, while we spend some of the French summer entertaining our usual annual flurry of antipodeans who are running away from the southern hemisphere winter and enjoying the benefits of their currently favourable exchange rates.

Author: Pictofigo (own work); CC BY-SA 3.0 license; via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Pictofigo (own work); CC BY-SA 3.0 license; via Wikimedia Commons

I will be back on the air on September 2nd and I look forward to renewing our relationship then.




9 Responses to TAKING MY LEAVE

  1. Hi Les,
    enjoy the break – even if I don’t know how to survive the next couple of monday mornings without your “breakfast blogs” … 🙂

  2. Rob Holloway says:

    Hi Les

    Well these antipodeans have been swanning around France and Italy for the past 6 weeks (with the usual Seabourn cruise around the Med in the middle) and now time to leave Firenze for a week in Roma before heading home to kick out Rudd. Just making room for your mob……

    Keep healthy and happy.


    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Frank says:

    Enjoy. And make it special. Looking forward to seeing you downunder in November..

    • leshayman says:

      Frank, I am really looking forward to my trip down under in November, as I haven’t been to OZ for about 3 years … in particular I am excited about attending the IT “geriatric” annual lunch planned … I believe it is being renamed from “old timers” for my attendance 🙂 Les

      • Frank says:

        “experienced”, tho having used pinch cards was the entry criteria…I am easily the baby of the group…I was always experienced for my age..

      • leshayman says:

        Is a “pinch card” one you stole from a nearby colleague ? 🙂 Les

      • Frank says:

        letter before “I” on key board…should read before “posing”…glad I don’t tweet..haha

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