Hi friends, subscribers and accidental readers,

For the first time in nearly three years of weekly blogging, I will be going off the air for most of the month of December 2012, helping my wife to celebrate a significant milestone birthday, helping one of my oldest, closest and longest-serving friends celebrate an even greater “zero” achievement, and then having Christmas with some dear friends.

I will be back on-air in the New Year, hopefully with renewed vigour, new ideas and rants, new pokes at life in France and more ramblings from the growing depths of my “grumpy old man” status.

I wish you all a wonderful year end and a spectacular 2013.
May the fates treat you with kindness and generosity.

Les and Victoria


13 Responses to CELEBRATION TIME

  1. Noel pettitt says:

    Enjoy Les, and all the best.

  2. Frank says:

    Les & family,
    Have a fantastic festive season, birthday season, Chanukah and new year.
    Continued health, happiness, wisdom and humour.
    Regards, Frank

  3. Luke Marson says:

    Thanks for a great year of blogs – I look forward to 2013. Best wishes for a happy and enjoyable festive period for you, your friends and your family.

  4. Les
    It sounds like a wonderful trip and I do hope that you and Victoria have a wonderful time.
    We will miss the weekly missive – but look forward the return in the New Year.
    Happy Christmas to you both
    Much love
    Angela xxxx

  5. Nicci & Simon says:

    And may you slide smoothly into the New Year too Les (to borrow a saying we have picked up from PEI Stuttgart) Best Wishes The Whitehouses of PE Australasia

  6. Tim Collins says:

    11 years in a Buddhist country has somewhat blurred my Christmas enthusiasm, but I do wish you and Victoria (looking good!) all the very best for the festive season and a happy and healthy 2556 – JB

  7. martin says:

    Dear Les and Victoria,
    Big hugs from Tania and myself, wishing you season’s greetings and congratulations for Victoria’s celebration.
    See you in the New Year.

  8. Wishing you and Victoria all the best over the Christmas and birthday season. Looking forward to many more blog posts in 2013!

  9. Fate has already been kind to us when she bought you to our world. Enjoy the break, 2013 looks like an interesting year.
    All the best from downunder
    Sandy E

  10. Malcolm Booth says:

    Christmas wishes to you, Victoria and family. Have a wonderful New Year too, and I look forward to the 2013 ramblings.

  11. May God bless you and your friends.Wishing you all the best and may you enjoy the trip with your wife and friends.Have a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a New Year
    ‘ best.

  12. Prabodh says:

    Les, have a well deserved vacation and come back fully charged, for the good of the world! I want to send you a book on how the theory of multiple intelligences could be used in the business world. This theory is still restricted to the world of school-education but can be explored for employee engagement and for the betterment of the world through employee engagement. Love if you could send me your id so that I can mail you the book. Else, look at Amazon for “In the wonderland of talent management – a corporate fairy tale”.

  13. Alan Lee says:

    Dear Les, belated wishes to you and Victoria for the new year! Thanks for all the insights during my time at SAP Asia. Do drop me a note if you are making a trip to Singapore. Cheers!

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