VIVE… series

An Arthur Lowe character called Potter once said “I love everything French except the French”, and I have to admit that there are times when I know what he meant, as for a foreigner living in France, it can be a real love-hate relationship.
Fortunately, most of the time, it is a real delight for us, and as our language skills improve and we become more and more a part of the local community, life here becomes ever more attractive and enchanting.
The posts headed “Vive … “ are my attempt to describe both sides of life in France for an expat.
I welcome similar stories from my friends living here.


2 Responses to VIVE… series

  1. I have been living in Paris for 16 years and I agree that most of the time, it is a real delight. As my language skills have never improved, and I still can’t speak French, I have to say I too feel as though I have become more and more a part of my local community. All of the locals know me as the American who can’t speak French, so they speak English with me now.

  2. leshayman says:

    I think you miss the point about why they have accepted you. It;s not because you are an American who can’t speak French … there are over 200 million of them. It;s because you’re gorgeous … they have no idea what languages you speak. 🙂

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