I have to be the first to admit that I had no idea that New Zealand actually had a National Football (soccer to me) team called the “All Whites”, nor that they had actually qualified for the World Cup in South Africa.

When a friend told me these facts, I suggested to him that he must be kidding, and that he should go and check his facts.

Victoria and I decided that we couldn’t bear to watch their first game against Slovakia, as it was sure to be a bit of a slaughter, and we couldn’t bear to watch a NZ National Team getting beaten so badly. As you can imagine, being All Black Rugby fans, we have gotten used to NZ Football Teams giving a decent account of themselves, even if they do seem intent on embarrassing us every four years at the Rugby World Cup.

We were amazed, but delighted and proud, to learn that they had actually drawn 1-1 with Slovakia.

We decided that we would actually watch their game against Italy despite the fact that together with the rest of the world, we believed that this would be a humiliating defeat by the reigning World Champions.

When the “All Whites” took the lead in the first half we just couldn’t believe it. Our screams and gyrations were so violent that all our dogs ran whimpering from the room. To then hold Italy to a 1-1 draw was an incredibly awe inspiring performance.

It was the same with Switzerland’s 1-0 win over Spain, and with South Africa’s 2-1 defeat of France.

It reinforced the fact that in the right circumstance, with the right attitude and commitment, even Mice can Roar.


5 Responses to MICE THAT ROAR

  1. Dee says:

    Very amusing and engaging. If you’re wanting constructive comments, I would get rid of the unnecessary capitals on words such as Airport, Business, Government, Financial Crisis, Economic Reality etc. It reminds me of an older way of writing but I don’t think it matches the tone of your blog. My opinion only of course!! But well done with the content – it will make the readers wish they were you!
    Love D X

  2. Peltier says:

    Mon cher Leslie, votre équipe de N.Z. a fait infiniment mieux que notre équipe “soit disant” de France. Bravo

  3. Enrico Negroni says:

    how to comment the 1-1 performance of the “All hites” with the Italian Team ?
    New Zealand was deserving to win… and then Slovakia did the rest…
    Poor Italy… we have to go back to “pizza, spaghetti, mandolino…Berlusconi and mafia”…

  4. leshayman says:

    The Mice keep roaring … although we are now more in the realm of larger ones, so I guess that Rats can also roar.
    Who could have seen the early departure of Brazil by Netherlands, and Ghana by Uruguay ?
    The pundits do seem to focus more on individual reputations rather than what can be achieved by a team determined to be heard.

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